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bijective physics - creating the bijective model of the world


In the time-invariant multiverse  model, material changes run in time-invariant n-dimensional superfluid quantum space (SQS). Changes have no duration on their own. Time as the duration of changes enters existence only when measured by the observer. Time-invariant superfluid quantum space (SQS) has a variable energy density that defines the velocity of material changes.  More SQS is dense, faster is the velocity of changes. Every physical object is diminishing energy density of SQS exactly for the amount of its energy E and correspondent mass m. In the centre of AGNs’ energy density of SQS is so low that atoms become unstable. They fall apart into elementary particles in the form of jets. These jets are the raw material for the formation of new stars. AGNs’ are rejuvenating systems of the universe that is non-created and eternal.

Here is the preprint: