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The research on ‘Bijective Physics’ is leaded under the active guidance of Dr Amrit Srecko Sorli. Here you may see the intro of our leading scientists. This group is sponsored by Foundation of Physics Institute [FOPI], slovenia.

Amrit Srecko Sorli

Amrit Srecko Sorli is the founder of Bijective Physics Institute – BPI in Slovenia. Amrit has published around 70 articles in several journals of physics and has written 10 books, mainly about the foundations and epistemology of physics. He has developed BIJECTIVE PHYSICS, together with Santanu Ku. Patro, which presents a new vision of physics where each physical equation satisfies the bijective function i.e. each element of an equation corresponds to a particular element in the real world. Likewise, every equation and physical model has bijective correspondence with the real world. Bijective analysis realizes Einstein’s vision of completeness of a physical theory. According to Einstein, a theory can be considered complete if every element of a physical theory has a counterpart in the physical reality. Bijective Physics gives us 100% exact picture of the physical world.

Email- sorli.bijective.physics@gmail.com

Orcid ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6711-4844

Amrit Srecko Sorli

For the first time, he has put down the very vital link between Biology and Cosmology, by introducing BIOFIELD in Physics, together with his team. So he is quite regarded as the ‘Father of COSMO-BIOLOGY.

–S.K. Patro, India

Santanu Kumar Patro

Santanu Kumar Patro, is a co-founder of Bijective Physics and has good scientific bent of mind and is well versed with mathematical research. His recent main research interests includes ‘matrix analysis’, ‘cosmology’, ‘Quantum theory & computation’.

As the co-founder of ‘Bijective Physics’, and full member of BPI, he is devoting his time for the development of this methodology together with the father of Cosmo-biology, Dr. Sorli and its team. He has started the scientific writing at the age of eighteen only. Now, recently he is nominated to the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS) as an associate researcher. His big international scientific network says more about his academic ability and more specifically, he is very dedicated for the complete development of his own idea. He has various research papers in reputed journals into his credit. Together with Dr. Sorli, he has published two books on ‘BIJECTIVE PHYSICS’ & Its development and now his journey towards the development of this theory is going on.



Santanu Kumar patro, India

His systematic and analytical way of approach is truly motivating. His work is not restricted to a limited dimension but is well extended for the betterment of the society revealing his far insight.


Davide Fiscaletti

Davide Fiscaletti is the current director at SpaceLife Institute, San Lorenzo in Campo, Italy. In the year 2000, he has contacted Dr Sorli and asked for cooperation on ‘Time research‘. In the following years they have published together around six articles on Time and special relativity in the canadian journal of physics essays. He has published various ground breaking research works on ‘Quantum Gravity’ and ‘Timeless physics’. Along them, the book- The Infinite History of Time is of a greater importance.

Davide Fiscaletti, Italy

He is a researcher with mind blowing scientific bent of mind. I was really appreciated by seeing his systematic writing skill, in our recent collaboration.

Santanu, India


Manuel Malaver de la fuente

Holding the position of Full professor at Maritime University in carribean, he has an excellent publon profile as an active reviewer & editor in various good scientific journals in Physics and Applied Mathematics. His name is in the top five physicist in Venezuela. His various valuable researches says more about his academic potential and research experience. Recently, he is nominated to the Breakthrough Prize of Fundamental Physics of theCaribbean and the National Experimental Polytechnic University of the Armed forces.  His recent research interest is on Bijective Physics theory and its proper

His latest research is in Arxiv:

Subra Mukherjee

She is a highly motivated researcher dedicated towards developing sustainable technologies for environmental/ agricultural applications. Dedicated to delivering highest quality work for through extensive literature study, creative problem solving and innovative solutions. PhD in “Optical Sensors for Agriculture” with 10+ years of experience in academics and research. Skilled in writing technical contents, secondary research, literature review, data analysis, supervising projects, product development.

Email- subramukherjeeroy@gmail.com

ORCID ID- https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3361-4629

Subra Mukherjee

Partha Proteem Roy

He has an excellent reputation for resolving problems in the field of Instrumentation, SCADA, PLC and OFC based Installations for more than 8 Years. Proficient in handling multiple tasks and projects simultaneously in challenging environments. A highly motivated and positive individual with great organizational and communication skills. Dedicated Superintending Telecom Engineer with perseverance, exceptional communication skills, and goal-driven work ethic excelling at implementation & development with significant contributions towards handling projects.


Partha Proteem Roy