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Relativity Reborn is one of the most important research projects of Bijective Physics Institute.  In classical Relativity, time is the 4th dimension of space and space is “empty” deprived of all physical properties. Space has only geometrical shape, it is curved. In Relativity, Reborn space and time are happily divorced.

Time has only a mathematical existence. Time is not the 4th dimension of space


Space-time model has no physical existence.


Entanglement happens in space only, not in time. Space is the direct information medium of entanglement.


In Relativity Reborn E = mc2 is extended on universal space (quantum vacuum)


In Relativity Reborn, the curvature of space in General Theory of Relativity is the mathematical description of space density (in press)

Relativity Reborn research has developed Bio-Universe Model – Universe is a system in a permanent dynamic equilibrium, non-crated with no end. Evolution of life is the consistent part of cosmic dynamics (in press)

This ‘Relativity Reborn’ book is available at Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Relativity-Reborn-Bijective-Physics-Institute/dp/1687725888